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TextWidthEx Method

Applies to: PrintPreview control , IPrinterEx object

Return Type: Single
In          Required          Text          As String
In          Optional          Options          As BSPrintExOptionsConstants          Default value: 0 - bsLineFeed
In          Optional          X          As Variant
In          Optional          Y          As Variant
In          Optional          Height          As Variant
In          Optional          Alignment          As BSAlignmentConstants          Default value: 0 - bsAlignLeftTop
In          Optional          WordWrap          As Boolean          Default value: True
In          Optional          WordBreak          As Boolean          Default value: False
In          Optional          RightToLeftReading          As BSAutoYesNoConstants          Default value: 2 - bsAutoYN
In          Optional          RectMarginsX          As Single          Default value: 0
In          Optional          RectMarginsY          As Single          Default value: 0
Out          Optional          StartsNewPage          As Boolean


Similar to Printer.TextWidth but with additional parameters.
Usually used in combination with PrintEx method. Please refer to PrintEx to read the explanation of the parameters.