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SetFooter Method

Applies to: PrintPreview control , IPrinterEx object

Return Type: None.
In          Optional          TextOrPicture          As Variant
In          Optional          Position          As BSHorizontalPositionConstants          Default value: 0 - bsHPosLeft
In          Optional          DistanceFromEdge          As Single          Default value: 15
In          Optional          MultilineTextAlignment          As BSMultilineTextAlignmentConstants          Default value: -1 - bsMTAlignAccordingToPosition
In          Optional          Font          As Variant
In          Optional          TextColor          As Long          Default value: 0
In          Optional          PictureScale          As Single          Default value: 1


Sets an image or text that will be printed as a footer on each page, such as a logo or a note.
It can be an image or a text, but not both. This setting is for all the report, it cannot be set for individual pages.


This feature is not available in the demo version.

Parameters explained:

TextOrPicture: this Variant parameter can accept a stdPicture with an image or a text.
To remove a footer previously set, omit this parameter, or provide an empty Variant, an Object variable containing Nothing or a null String.

Position: sets the position of the image or text (single line text) to the left, right or horizontally centered.
bsHPosLeft = 0
bsHPosRight = 1
bsHPosCenter = 2
The default value is bsHPosLeft.

DistanceFromEdge: sets the distance from the edge of the page to the footer.
Note that the footer and header are usually within the margin space.
The default value is 15 millimeters (0.59 inch).

MultilineTextAlignment: sets the alignment of the different lines of text when the text does not fit in one line or has vbCrLf in it.

Font : sets the font for the text.
Default font is Arial 12 Regular.

TextColor: sets the fore color of the text.
The default color is vbBlack.

PictureScale: sets the scale of the picture.
The default scale is 1.

See Also:

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